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“I felt so lucky to have Emilia’s help when my baby was 1 week old. Not only did she teach me how to make a better latch, she validated all my efforts and hard work. Emilia is a knowledgeable, kind, and extremely capable lactation consultant.”

– Emily, Portland, OR

“I met Emilia at our daughters preschool. I had no idea she was a lactation consultant. One morning at drop off I was telling her my woes of being unable to breastfeed my infant. My new baby was born two weeks early and small. For five weeks I tried everything to get her to latch. I was pumping around the clock to keep my milk flowing. I was exhausted and at my wits end. The night prior to my complaining to Emilia, I wept. My baby wept and I wept. When my husband got up that morning, I told him, “I quit. She’s just going to be a formula baby. I can’t do this anymore”. I was broken-hearted.

That morning Emilia told me she was a lactation consultant and offered to come over and see if she could help. Emilia spent about two hours with me and Luciana. She patiently listened to all my whining, watched what I was doing and then offered some advice. By the time she left my baby was latching and nursing! She has been a champion nurser ever since. I am forever grateful to Emilia. She’s like a baby-boob whisperer. I would have thrown in the towel had she not spent the time with us and helped. Breastfeeding is special mama-baby time and I am so glad I can have this time with Luciana. Thank you Emilia!”
– Rose, Portland, OR

“With the birth of my son I had an out-of-hospital planned birth turn into a cesarean. I was exhausted, disappointed in my birth experience and feeling very defeated about my low supply and Finn’s tongue tied latch. Emilia was so helpful as we worked through those issues, giving me the perfect mixture of facts, emotional support and even humor when I needed it. I nursed Finn until he weaned on his own at two years and four months old.”

“Three years later when I had my daughter, Remy, at home and faced some similar issues, I turned to Emilia right away with questions and concerns. She was quick to remind me of the things I needed to remember and helped to ease my fears that I would again not have enough milk to feed my baby. I’ve had a successful breastfeeding relationship with Remy. We are at 11 months and going strong. I’m looking forward to a year or two more with her and know that if I encounter any problems, Emilia will be quick to step up and help us work everything out.”

– Jana, Salem, OR