baby-for-sisu-lactation Portland lactation consultant

I believe in biodynamic breastfeeding, “Bio” means biological, the way of nature. For breastfeeding, this means understanding and trusting the normal physiological process of breastfeeding for both mom and baby and the instinctive need of women for safety and support during the postpartum period. ”Dynamic” refers to motion and change and is used to refer to the individual nature of each breastfeeding pair’s experience.

Breastfeeding is impacted by many factors. I treat breastfeeding as a holistic process, taking into account the big picture of health and happiness for mom and baby.

I provide individualized care. We know that one way does not work best for all breastfeeding pairs. While informed by my experiences with other breastfeeding families, I look at each mother and baby as unique and work to create a care plan that will work for you while nurturing an environment where women can trust their innate power as mothers.

I believe in informed choice. I believe that when provided with accurate and accessible information, each individual woman and/or family can make the best choice for herself and/or her family. I believe that gathering information and making choices contributes to the empowering experience of the breastfeeding process and is an important part of parenthood. It is my goal to provide the information, tools and support necessary so that mothers can in turn, empower themselves. I trust mothers. I believe that you know your baby better than anyone else. I will always honor your intuition.