si•su ˈsisu

noun: Derived from the prefix sisä - meaning “inner”; tenacity of purpose; determination; perseverance


Sisu is a Finnish word that, loosely translated, refers to determination, perseverance and tenacity. It is derived from the prefix sisä- meaning inner, or inward. Sisu is inner strength. Sisu is courage that is not momentary, but sustained. Sisu is the empowering push it takes to move through hardship. Sisu is motherhood. Whatever form your breastfeeding relationship takes, sisu empowers you. Learn More


Sisu lactation provides individualized care throughout the breastfeeding relationship. I support families in defining and meeting their own breastfeeding goals by offering informed choices. I treat breastfeeding as a holistic process, taking into account the big picture of health and happiness for mom and baby. 
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I believe in biodynamic breastfeeding – trusting that breastfeeding is normal and natural, but also unique and always changing. I am committed to helping mothers tap into their own inner strength - their sisu - so that they can feel empowered as mothers. As an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), I provide prenatal and postpartum in-home lactation visits in the Portland Metro Area. Learn More